Precise Logix
EliteTicker 3.0
EliteTicker is a high end, easy to use stock and news ticker that keeps you up to date with stock prices and news items. You'll always be in the know with the latest stock prices and customizable news feed access. Now with Google Reader support!

SpamBox 1.0
SpamBox is an extremely accurate yet easy to use spam filter that seamlessly plugs into Outlook. It detects almost any junk mail that it comes across and it’s very easy to train it to recognize new spammer tricks. And once it’s initially configured, it works silently behind the scenes to keep spam out of your way.

HideIt 3.0
HideIt is a utility that makes desktop level security and privacy very convenient in all situations. You can use it to hide sensitive data or programs on your desktop when you leave your computer unattended, or you can quickly hide programs when someone comes within eyeshot of your desktop. Either way, HideIt makes privacy a lot easier to achieve.

CrypText 1.0
CrypText makes security easy and accessible. Whenever you want to quickly encrypt a piece of text you can instantly do it with CrypText. Whether you want email something in private or send a text message, it's very easy with CrypText.

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