HideIt 3.0

HideIt is the best way to provide desktop level security and privacy.

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HideIt will allow you to completely hide programs from your desktop. HideIt displays all currently running programs in its list box. Clicking on any of these will immediately hide the program and then mark it as hidden. To bring the program back, just click on it again and it will reappear.

One of the most convenient features of HideIt is its tagging ability. You can click on a program in the window list while holding down the control key and HideIt will "tag" the program by placing a plus sign in front of its name. Later when you want to hide this program, just press Control-t and all tagged programs will be hidden instantly.

HideIt will also be hidden when you press Control-h. To bring it back, just press Control-h again and HideIt will reappear.

These keystrokes are fully customizable to allow any combination that is most convenient for the specific user.

Many advanced features are provided in Options dialog on the toolbar. These include:
- Password protection for hotkey sequences
- Pre-set startup functionality
- Convenient launcher for automatically launching hidden programs when HideIt starts.

This advanced functionality is also provided through these command line switches:

/s - Runs HideIt in silent mode so that it's not visible initially.
/h - Hides programs that are listed in a comma separated list after the switch. For example: hideit /h Calculator, Telnet The program names must be listed exactly as they appear in the caption bar.

Using the command line switches, HideIt can be run from the StartUp group or from a batch file like autoexec.bat to hide any programs at startup.

For any information regarding HideIt, send mail to info@preciselogix.com