How to Find RSS News Feeds

EliteTicker’s RSS news feed feature is extremely useful. But to take advantage of it you need to be able to find RSS feeds that have topics that you are interested in. Here are some tips on how to find the type of RSS feeds that would be of interest to you.

RSS Icon

The first thing you need to do is to go to a website or blog that you often visit. Now, the easiest way to find an RSS feed is to look around on the page for the RSS feed icon. It is the orange square with the curved lines in it. If you find it on the page just click on it to take you to the RSS feed’s page.

Another easy way to find an RSS feed is to let the browser help you. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, check if the RSS button on the tab bar next to the Home button is enabled.

RSS icon in Internet Explorer

If the RSS button is enabled, then you can just click on the down arrow next to it to see a list of RSS feeds available. Click on the one you are interested and the browser will take you to a page that shows the contents of the RSS feed. If you are satisfied with what you see and want to add it to EliteTicker then follow the next steps to add it to you list of feeds.

  1. Highlight the text in the address bar.
  2. Copy it into the clipboard by holding down the Control key and pressing C.
  3. Right-click on EliteTicker and select Edit News Feeds… from the menu.
  4. Click on the Add button.
  5. Paste the RSS feed address into the edit box labeled Feed URI by holding the Control key and pressing V.
  6. Click on the OK button on the Add News Feed dialog box.
  7. Click OK on the Edit News Feed dialog box.

Now you will see headlines from the newly added feed scroll by on the ticker screen.