SpamBox 1.0

Advanced spam filtering for Outlook

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SpamBox is an extremely accurate yet easy to use spam filter that seamlessly plugs into Outlook. It detects almost any junk mail that it comes across and it’s very easy to train it to recognize new spammer tricks. And once it’s initially configured, it works silently behind the scenes to keep spam out of your way.

SpamBox uses Bayesian filtering to accurately determine whether a message is spam or not. This is done by showing SpamBox a sample of both spam and non spam messages. Statistical analysis is done on the messages and saved for future use. When a new message comes in, SpamBox searches it for patterns that indicate its spam probability. This method is extremely accurate and will even catch obscure spammer tricks like misspelling suspicious words and embedding messages in pictures and HTML.

SpamBox is very simple to configure and supports default settings that work very nicely in most settings. There are settings to fine tune for accuracy as well as to increase performance during training and scanning.