Free Utilities

These are some useful utilities that we have developed during the course of our work. They are simple, yet effective solutions to common problems that also demonstrate the reusable nature of our software components.

Base64 Translator

This is a handy GUI utility to quickly encode or decode Base64 encoded data. Just paste the text in the window and click the button.

Import 1.0

This is a screen capture utility for Windows. It needs GDI+ to be installed on the system to work. It's pretty easy to use and nonobtusive. It even supports command line operation.

Transparency Manager 1.0

This is utility allows you to control the transparent property of Windows programs. Just check the box next to program that you want to make transparent, and moving the slider bar will adjust the transparency of any selected windows.

Schnauzer 1.0

This is a Windows based packet sniffer for displaying IP packets in promiscuous mode. There is no driver needed as this program uses Windows raw sockets support in user mode.

LexTail 1.0

This is a Windows version of the popular UNIX utility. It's very useful for viewing large log files that are constantly being updated.

InUse 1.0

Find out what process is using a specific DLL.

Do 1.0

Do is a command line arithmetic expression evaluator that is useful as a quick calculator. It also does base conversion to and from several useful systems such as hexadecimal and binary.

Spanner 1.0

Spanner allows you to break up large files into smaller chunks. Later, it can be used to concatenate the chunks into the original file.

RemEx 1.0

RemEx allows you to remotely execute a program on any computer in a Windows Network. It is useful as a simple central management tool for managing installation on your network.